Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Con of the North, Day 1, Part 1

I only snapped a few pictures of some of the events going on at Con of the North in St. Paul, MN this past weekend.  I was pretty busy with my own stuff and didn't have a whole lot of time to enjoy the other events.

Game 1, Vampire's Lair

Vampire players contemplate their first move.

Vampire Hunter players do the same.

Nosferatu plunges headlong into the fray, causing chaos!

Vampire out walking around.

A look at the table.  Dungeon tiles are by Fat Dragon Games.

Jugs and barrels are wooden items from a craft store.  Furniture is from the Heroquest board game.

The vampire assault succeeds and the hunters are scattered!

Song of Drums and Shakos

Mike Z. ran this very nice looking game.

Another shot of the action.

More to come!