Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Speed Rally 5/3/11

We played another game of Speed Rally last night, this time playing without the gridded track.  We had three new players this time, and it seemed that everyone, again, had a good time. 

It seems that the general consensus is we like playing "off- road" even more, due to the extra chaos involved.  This may be the last Speed Rally game in a while for us, but we've already got plans in the works for some "bigger and better" races.

The course.  Major features included two jumps over a river, twisting roadways through the city, and treacherous jungle terrain.

The grid. 
Soccer MILF
Silver Mercedes SUV
Dr. Evil
Orange Chevy Nomad
Marty McFly
Deloean Time Machine
Red Plymouth Belvedere
Red Hemi 'Cuda converable
Hammond Eggs
#53 Stock Car
Guy Manman
#70 Plymouth Superbird

The view of the city from another angle.  Vehicles must pass between the cones in order to be counted as passing a checkpoint.

A closer shot of the jungle course.  The center is a field of tall grass.  The route is shorter, but more dangerous.

The front of the pack clears the first jump.  The silver Mercedes takes an early lead, but the #70 Superbird is quickly moving forward in the pack, already in 3rd from 7th.  Unfortunate spinout by several cars in town caused two packs of cars to form.

In the city, between the 1st and 2nd checkpoints.  Cars scramble to get back in the race.

Soccer MILF leaves oil slicks on the safest paths through the jungle, forcing drivers to find more creative routes.

Casey increases his lead as he finishes the first lap.  Soccer MILF is close behind, while everyone else battles it out in the jungle.

Hammond Eggs and Biff battle it out at the end of the 1st lap.

#70 takes a wide path through the jungle, but due to his excellent driving skills the driver still laps slower cars.

Biff uses his ram plate to soften up Dr. Evil's Nomad.  #53 polishes him off with some small arms fire.

Soccer MILF suffers a nasty spinout, allowing Hammond Eggs to close the gap.

Biff and Christine battle it out, not for field position, but to see who can spin out the most!

A last place Marty McFly harasses the #40 Superbird as it tries to finish the race.
To add insult to injury, Guy Manman rams the Delorean and then showboats after crossing the finish line.  Classy! :)