Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Warmachine, 10/4/11

Just thought I'd share some pictures of the Week 4 action at Village Games in Anoka, MN.

Sunday had a good turnout but I was unable to get any pictures.  We again had a good showing Tuesday, and here is some of the action.

Some of Casey's Cygnar.

Bob's Legion of Everblight.

My Cryx Necrotech, Slayer and Cankerworm.

Jeff's Trollbloods square off against John's Trollbloods.

My Cryx 'jacks assault Doug's Cygnar.

Robb's Gators take on my Cryx.

Doug's Cygnar mix it up with John's Trolls.

Doug's Lancer, Ironclad and Stryker.

My Cryx warjacks close in with Robb's warlock.

Gatormen thump on a bonejack.  The Slayer turns away in disgust.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Warmachine League, 9/25/11

We've in the midst of a Journeyman League at Village Games in Anoka, MN.  This is Privateer Press' slow- growth league for Warmachine and Hordes, allowing players to slowly build their armies from a battle box to a full 35 point list.  The League also rewards playing games and painting, which I think is a huge plus for this game.  Sunday was the start of Week 3 of 6.  I snapped a handful of pictures from our first games.  We're starting to see more and more painted figs, which it's awesome!

Casey's Cygnar vs. Andrew's Khador

Casey's Cygnar army.

Andrew's Khador army.

My Cryx and Bob's Legion of Everblight.

Bob's Everblight Warbeasts. 

Another wide shot of our armies.

As more models get painted, more pictures will be posted.  Everyone should show their models some love and paint them.  Especially for as much as you have to pay for them!!!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Combat Cards, 9/13/11

A couple more games of TA:CC were played last Tuesday.  This was a special week for Todd...

Doug faced off against Mike in a Tyranid vs. Space Marines battle on the Red Planet.
A look at the table at the beginning of the game.  Space Marine units bunch up in groups to take advantage of each model's Personality card.

Tyranids peak around the ruins.

Space Marines gather in a corner for warmth.

Marines are flushed from their cover when the Respected leader is hit with spore mines!

An aerial shot of the table.

Space Marine swarms approach the Tyranid Warriors at the bottom of the picture.  An assault marine sneaks up on another Warrior at the top.

Warriors fend off a Ticker attack.

Todd and I squared off.  Todd broke out his Orks and I again ran my Chaos Marines.

The battle a few turns in.  My Land Raider moves in to kill the Trukk, and Ork Boyz are surrounded by forces of Chaos.

So close to the Trukk that I don't think the laser sponsons could even hit it...

A Chaos Sergeant commands demons to attack the Orks unaware.

Ork infiltrator storm the table, sending the Rhino up in (invisible) flames!

Demons to the back, Teminators to the front...

This game ended in a dead draw when Todd destroyed my Land Raider with an infiltrator.  A dead draw at 13 points each.  This broke Todd's losing streak!  Hooray!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Combat Cards 9/6/11

We kicked off our newest Combat Cards league last Tuesday.  This time around we're playing 28mm Sci- Fi, with 24 point armies on 3'x3' or 4' x4' tables.  We are also playtesting the Personality Cards.  You can find out more about them at

We had 7 players and three games going.  Dan took the bye so he could observe the games.

Mike and Todd squared off on the site of a crashed space ship.

The tabletop.  Mike fielded his Space Marines, and Todd brough his Necromunda Cawdor gang.

A Cawdor heavy hides amongst the twisted debris of the space ship.

Mike's Land Raider surveys the battlefield from a hill while Cawdor units move in for the kill.

Mike's Razorback is shook up by the Cawdor gunner.  Unfortunately the gunner doesn't see the Assault Marine screaming down on his position.

Crow and Mike Z. faced off in some Martian ruins.
The scene of the battle.  Crow is taking the field with AT43 Karmens, and Mike Z. is fielding AT43 Red Blok.

Gorillas in power armor flank Red Blok units.

A Red Blok soldier spots a karmen from his sniper position.

Units surround the ruin, but none dare venture inside...

I had the pleasure of facing off against Doug.  I dug out part of my old ruins.  The real dust and cobwebs really added to the feel of the game...

The battlefield.  Doug's Tyranids swarm through the ruins towards my Chaos Marines.

Chaos Terminators and a Land Raider prepare for bloody combat.

Doug's Gaunts begin their approach.  The Terminator lays down Bolter fire.

A Chaos terminator sneaks up on a confused Carnifex.  They both manage to escape with their lives!

Mike set a Combat Cards record; managing a win in a mere 7 minutes.  Losing a Behemoth on turn 1 in a 24 point game is not the way to win, Todd! :)

I managed to scrape out a victory at the last minute, and I'm not sure who won between Crow and Mike Z.

Needless to say the Personality Cards added a new level of tactics to the game.  I'm looking forward to the next game!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Speed Rally 8/16/11

We had an opportunity to play another game of Speed Rally last Tuesday.  This time we tried a figure eight track where cars travelled in both directions on the straight away.  This was to encourage more people to use weapons.  

Unfortunately I forgot my camera, so we were stuck using cell phones.  Fortunately Robb has a nice camera in his tablet.  Thanks for the help Robb!

The overall track.  Cars travel clockwise around the ruin and counterclockwise around the woods.  Illegal weapons use was not allowed in "the ring."  Anyone caught using them was immediately disqualified.

The Grid.  1. Brian (the Younger), grey Dodge Charger.  2. Matt, blue Honda Civic. 
3. Me, silver Chevy Hearse.  4. Todd, red Dodge Ram.  5. Robb, black Buick Grand National. 
6. Brian (the Elder), purple Lamborghini Diablo.  7.  Mike, DeLorean Time Machine.

Cars pour into the tight turn of "the ring."

Another shot of the pack entering "the ring."  It's a little tighter than I had originally planned.

After opening up with a pair of handheld machine guns, Todd stops to reload.  The back of the pack is having a tough time getting started.

Brian makes the first move in a series that will make him the most hated driver on the track, and everyone's prime target.

And the Charger lays another strip of oil, and pits for some more, as well as to patch a couple machine gun holes!

Near misses start popping up in the straightaway!

The pack leaders scream around "the ring" and headlong into a 3rd oil slick!

Another shot of the same situation.

The back of the pack spreads out, and the Lamborghini attempts to negotiate the oil.

Brian's exotic didn't make it and ended up in the grass...

 Attempting to end Brian's oil dropping day, I lined up a T- bone.  Of course I had to roll snake eyes to fail my roll and destroy my car outright!

Yep.  Definately dead.  It was concluded that the impact forced the engine into the passenger compartment, and pushed the driver into the back of the vehicle, where he now belonged.  And he even got a Viking funeral.

Later that race...
Carnage continues, with some drivers abandoning their hopes of winning to simply destroy the Oil King!

Cars pass by Brian's Charger, ramming and firing.  The damage is heavy on the Charger and eventually it is destroyed!  This being done, everyone agrees that the race is over.  Plus it was late.

Mike was declared the winner! 

The next race will be bigger, and will make use of most, if not all, of the upgrades in the rulebook.  It should be a blast!