Monday, February 15, 2010

Tamiya 1:48 Road Sign Set Review

Here's another review of a 1:48 scale kit from Tamiya, this time the Road Sign Set.

From the picture on the front of the box it looks like an OK collection of items for the retail price of $11.00 USD.  The pictures shows us a ton of different kinds of signs, a telephone/ telegraph pole, two street lights and a fence with a wagon wheel.

Upon opening the box this is what we find:

It looks like we get two sprues of accessories, a sheet of waterslide tranfers and an instruction sheet.
I've had this kit for awhile and have already assembled two of the street lights.  Also, I believe there was a small slip with more Tamiya 1:48 models and accessories that has since been thrown out.

This is one of the sprues.  Both sprues included are identical.  There is enough materials on one sprue to do 2 lamp posts, 1 telephone/ telegraph cable, 1 billboard, a long fence (with our without a wagon wheel) and  a pile of small signs.

It appears that you effectively get double the number of pieces pictures on the box cover.  Not bad at all!

This is the real bummer.  You get one sheet of water slide transfers.  There are enough transfers here to do one sprue- worth of signs.  You would have to make your own waterslides for the seond sprue, or paint them by hand or other creative solution. 

The instruction sheet has some info on the usage of signs throughout Eurpoe during WWII and tool and equipment information.  The back side shows which countries each of the waterslide signs would be found.

Here is a shot of a full sprue with an Amazon Miniatures Tales of the Shadow Reich 25/ 28mm figure and an AT-43 walker.

And a closeup of the sprue with the figure.

And one last shot with the figure next to an assembled lamp post.

All in all I think this is a decent value for the price.  You do get a lot of components, but a second sheet of water slide transfers would have wonderful.  The pieces are well done and are a good variety.  I would like to have more of the lamps and telephone poles, but I couldn't justify buying a second, third or more boxes for just those pieces, though even then it's not a bad value.

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