Friday, September 16, 2011

Combat Cards, 9/13/11

A couple more games of TA:CC were played last Tuesday.  This was a special week for Todd...

Doug faced off against Mike in a Tyranid vs. Space Marines battle on the Red Planet.
A look at the table at the beginning of the game.  Space Marine units bunch up in groups to take advantage of each model's Personality card.

Tyranids peak around the ruins.

Space Marines gather in a corner for warmth.

Marines are flushed from their cover when the Respected leader is hit with spore mines!

An aerial shot of the table.

Space Marine swarms approach the Tyranid Warriors at the bottom of the picture.  An assault marine sneaks up on another Warrior at the top.

Warriors fend off a Ticker attack.

Todd and I squared off.  Todd broke out his Orks and I again ran my Chaos Marines.

The battle a few turns in.  My Land Raider moves in to kill the Trukk, and Ork Boyz are surrounded by forces of Chaos.

So close to the Trukk that I don't think the laser sponsons could even hit it...

A Chaos Sergeant commands demons to attack the Orks unaware.

Ork infiltrator storm the table, sending the Rhino up in (invisible) flames!

Demons to the back, Teminators to the front...

This game ended in a dead draw when Todd destroyed my Land Raider with an infiltrator.  A dead draw at 13 points each.  This broke Todd's losing streak!  Hooray!

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