Monday, September 26, 2011

Warmachine League, 9/25/11

We've in the midst of a Journeyman League at Village Games in Anoka, MN.  This is Privateer Press' slow- growth league for Warmachine and Hordes, allowing players to slowly build their armies from a battle box to a full 35 point list.  The League also rewards playing games and painting, which I think is a huge plus for this game.  Sunday was the start of Week 3 of 6.  I snapped a handful of pictures from our first games.  We're starting to see more and more painted figs, which it's awesome!

Casey's Cygnar vs. Andrew's Khador

Casey's Cygnar army.

Andrew's Khador army.

My Cryx and Bob's Legion of Everblight.

Bob's Everblight Warbeasts. 

Another wide shot of our armies.

As more models get painted, more pictures will be posted.  Everyone should show their models some love and paint them.  Especially for as much as you have to pay for them!!!

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