Thursday, March 3, 2011

Con of the North, Day 2

I have to say, as the weekend went on I became less organized.  So often that I didn't know where my camera was.  These are the last pictures I took of my events from the weekend.  Again it was a lot of fun!  I love going to this Con!

Flying Lead, A Daring Rescue

Instead of using stealth the French partisans begin by opening fire and taking down the German sentries.

Partisans locate their comrade!

Fighting is fierce around the farmhouse.

Men are wounded all around the battlefield.

Flying Lead, Starship Troopers
Due to time constraints I ran the Starship Troopers game on the same table as the WWII scenario.  I just removed the 1/72 truck and houses.

Mobile Infantry advace to the wall for cover.

Flanked by the Tanker Bug.

M.I. move up the side to escape the tank.  A lone Warrior waits in ambush.

The trap is sprung!

Due to a snowstorm on Sunday many events were cancelled and a lot of people left early.  Plus I was not feeling well due to some excessive celebrating the night before.  I did not get any picures of my 2nd playthrough of The Vampire's Lair.

Con of the North is an absolute blast.  There are so many events going on, run by really great people.  Village Games did a great job hosting a good 1/4 to 1/3 of the events over the course of the weekend.  We are already planning our events for next year.  If you live in the Minneapolis/ St. Paul, MN area, or will be there around February 2012, stop by and check out Con of the North!

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