Thursday, April 7, 2011

Combat Cards 4/5/11

The Tactical Assault: Combat Cards by Tactical Assault Games have been re- worked and re- released as a PDF download.  I still need to cut my decks out.  Fortunately Todd had just finished up assembling his decks and had his collection of 28mm WWII figures with, so we had a go.

We played a standard 36 point, 90 minute game.  I took the side of the Germans with:
1 Artillery (mortar)
1 Armor (Panther)
2 Heavy Weapons (MG 42 teams)
2 Anti Tank (Panzerschreck team; Panzerfaust)
2 Command
6 Infantry

Todd played American paratroopers and took:
1 Artillery (mortar)
1 Armor (M10)
1 Heavy Weapons (M1919 machine gun)
1 Anti Tank (Bazooka team)
1 Command
10 Infantry

The game was pretty intense and I forgot to take pictures through most of it.  Here are some highlights.

The setup.  Germans occupy the west ruin and the south terrain.  They have also snuck a platoon in on the north side behind a hill.  American paratroopers occupy the rest of the table.

Paratroopers advance with the support of the M10.

Ambush!  German soldiers attack the Americans from a dug in position.

Paras and a bazooka team take cover in woods.

The Panther rounds the ruin to get a clear shot at the M10, but the M10 is able to stun the Panzer.  A paratrooper charges in and "Sgt. Rock"s the German armor with a grenade down the turret hatch!

The game ran the full 90 minutes, with Todd scoring 12 points to my 4.  An enjoyable game as always.  And Todd, I will have my revenge...

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