Thursday, July 7, 2011

Combat Cards League, Week 2, 7/5/11

Another week of league play has come and gone, with 3 more great games played.  I did manage to grab a few shots of the other games being played this week.

My table.  I had the pleasure of facing off against Jeff in this dense village setup.

A shot of the table from the other side.  Jeff's Flames of War wrecked vehicles were very distracting.  Throughout the game I kept confusing them as Jeff's units!

The only real action shot of the game.  American infiltrators snuck up on my Tiger and blew it straight to hell.  The Americans suffer no lasting effects.

 A look at the village mid- game.  The units are few, and the table is big, so it looks quiet.  My StuG is advancing along the road along the right side, trying to get a better angle on the Sherman 76 and mortar team.  Minefields block off- road access to the other half of the table.

A look at Dan and John's game.  Soviets battle it out with those pesky Germans!  

A Soviet T-34/85 uses the woods and smoke cover to sneak up on a German Elefant.

 Soviet armor watching for the German advance.  Infantry tangle with German armor at the top of the picture.

Todd and Mike face off with Germans and Russians. 

Russian infantry hide behind a tank, in the smoke and woods.  Why?

Because there's a confused German command in the open!!! :)

German forces move in to dislodge Soviet infantry from the farmhouse.

Jeff, John and Mike pulled down victories today; all of them close, well played, and fun!  If you're not playing you are really missing out.

Never heard of Combat Cards?  Check out their website:

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