Thursday, July 28, 2011

Combat Cards Week 5, 7/27/11

Week 5 down, and only one more to go!

Two more furious games were played.  Jeff and I played in what turned out to be a hard fought, yet uneventful game.  The combat was tight, and there was a near constant barrage of artillery, mortar, bombs, cannons and small arms fire, but both sides were able to hang in for a long time!

Not much for pictures.  We were just too busy trying to pound each other into the dirt!

Dan and Todd face off on the Russian countryside.

A small village. 
Sorry for not getting more pictures of this game.  It was over and done with before I knew what was going on.

A French village and farm.  The village center of the table is quite dense with buildings and bocage. 

The same table from the other side.  Fighting was heaviest around the farm on the opposite side of the table.

The eternal battle.  With a Tiger I, 2 StuG III's and an infantry unit nearby, it still took me many, many rounds to destroy the Sherman 76.  And Jeff dispatched my Tiger immediately after, nulifying my efforts.

A German mortar team is harassed by American infiltrators.  This one eventually became a mutual destruction.

Unfortunately that's it!  I will try to get more pictures for next week's finale. 

Dan was victorious over Todd, and Jeff rallied at the end to destroy me. 

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