Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Combat Cards Week 6, 8/09/11

And so it ends, the 15mm WWII Tactical Assault: Combat Cards 2011 League.  It was very close in the ponits, so the last games were going to be crucial.  Dan squared off against Mike, and I had the pleasure of testing my new (and theoretically broken) army against Todd.  Unfortunately Jeff got a bye and was not able to defend his position in the standings.

Over the course of the campaign we found behemoths very, very, very hard to kill.  So hard, in fact, that I figured if one or two were bad, 6 would be unstoppable.  So I did it.  I made a list consisting of 6 behemoths, 3 aerials and 2 artillery.  Disaster was to ensue...

A shot of the table mid game.  I'm already short two Tiger tanks due to infantry attacks.

Another Tiger is surrounded.  Soon after the infantry polish this one off, too...

The same action from a different angle.

A behemoth slugs it out with an American mortar team.

After everything was said and done I ended up winning 22- 18.  Winning isn't the disasterous part; the fact that I lost three powerful units to infantry and pulled off a much smaller margin of victory than anticipated.  I figured the sheer power of a behemoth would make it able to hold it's own, even when outnumbered and outflanked, but Todd's infantry felt otherwise.  Behemoths are still incredibly devastating, but they still need someone to watch their flanks or they end up like their targets: a burning wreck!

A shot of Dan and Mike's game.  Units are taking cover where ever they can to avoid the dangerous firing lanes.

Two Russian takes fire from concealed positions in a village. 

Russians test a new hover- tank on the battlefield... :)

Dan achieved victory over Mike, solidifying his 1st place finish in the league.  My minor victory over Todd kept Jeff 2 points ahead of me in the standings, giving him 2nd place.  I was able to achieve 3rd.

The league was fun and the games were well played.  I think everyone is going to enjoy their hard break!

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