Wednesday, November 10, 2010

1/72 WWII Germans

Here are some shots of the Germans that will be used in my Ganesha Games Flying Lead game at Con of the North in February.  I've done a lot more than this, but I will just be using a basic squad for the con game.

These are from an Esci set I picked up for a few dollars at a local hobby shop.  They are now available from Italeri as German Infantry.

MG 34 and assistant.  The assistant was a prone rifleman.  I removed the rifle, and created an ammo can and ammo belt from some green stuff and plasticard.

Commanders.  The "Sergeant" was holding a mine, but I clipped it off.

Standard riflemen.

These models are painted up in early war colors.  The paintjob is pretty basic.  No insignia were painted on this first go through.  Though one day if I feel ambitious enough I will do the helmets and jackets.

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