Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Horrorclix Prepaints for CotN Fear and Faith

I've finally finished all of the models and terrain for my Fear and Faith and Flying Lead games I'm running at Con of the North.

I will admit, I cheated a bit.  A majority of the figures in the zombie game are Horroclix prepaints.  They are decent looking figures, and there is a great variety.

SWAT zombie, hospital patient zombie, construction zombie, and a police zombie.

Corporate response: Responder, flamethrower and cleaner.

The figures have not been retouched at all.  They were simply removed from their bases, attached to new 25mm bases (either Likto wooden bases or plastic slotted bases) and then based in black ballast.  I choose black ballast for basing as most of my zombie games take place in urban environments and the ballast represents asphalt fairly well. 

Don't worry, the next pictures will be of "real" minis...

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