Monday, November 8, 2010

Vampires and Vampire Hunters

Here are some pictures of the vampires and vampire hunters I've painted for my Fear and Faith game for Con of the North this February. 

All models are by Blue Moon Manufacturing.  The sculpts are OK.  There are some bad mold lines, and the detail isn't very crisp.  Some of the faces are strange, with little definition and bulging eyes.  That being said I don't know of many manufacturers that make models for this, and they come in nice box sets that give you both sides of a skirmish.  You also get 12 figures for $30 USD or 20 for $40 USD, which to me isn't bad at all.  The figures also come with their own decorative, 25mm bases, which is a nice touch.

Models are from the "You're Such a Pain in the Neck" and "Romanian Civilians" box sets.

I added a pistol from a Games Workshop dwarf sprue to the civilian.

A wicked dagger from a Games Workshop Kroot sprue was added to the woman in the blue dress.
The drunkard was also given a GW dwarf pistol.

The civilian on the left originally held a broom.  It was replaced by an oversized axe from a GW skeleton.

I didn't get horribly creative here.  I'm not too familiar with the dress of the period, so I basically followed the example on the box cover for painting. 

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