Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Warmachine at Village Games

I took a few shots of the Warmachine action last night at Village Games in Anoka, MN.  There were quite a few people playing, and I think a total of 7 games were played.  It was a great turnout.

I was only able to take pictures of one game as it was the only one with fully painted minis.  Casey's Menoth squared off against Grover's Mercenaries.  I have to be honest, that's about all I know about the units.  I've been out of the Warmachine loop for so many years I just can't remember all of the names!

I hope you enjoy the pictures anyway!

A shot of the battlefield

Uneven looking matchup...

A whole buncha' warjacks!

Three on one?  That's not fair!

Oh wait.  It's only two on one.

Incoming pain.

The line is drawn, forces prepare to clash!

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