Wednesday, December 8, 2010

WWII Using Tactical Assault: Combat Cards

The past few months I have been helping a friend (and owner of Village Games in Anoka, MN) playtest a card driven ruleset for miniature wargaming.  The rules are designed to handle anything from WWII to sci- fi, and are quite excellent.  The game is called Tactical Assault: Combat Cards, and will soon be available for purchase online.

I introduced my friend Todd to this incarnation of the rules last night.  We ran a WWII game in 15mm; Todd's Americans versus my freshly painted Germans. 

Here are some shots of the action:

The start of the battle.  German forces took up positions from the south to the west, with a lone Stug III infiltrating the American position.  Americans approached from the north to east, with an emphasis on taking the village from the Germans.

German infantry, command, machine gun, mortar and Stug III taking cover on the south end of the map.

Americans take cover in a small field to the east of the village.

German forces are pinned down by a dug in and concealed Sherman.  A lone Stug tries to pinpoint it's location and sneak in for the kill.

Americans zero in on the Stug with an antitank gun.

A Tiger I watches the north end of the battlefield.

A German Stug tries to flank the American infantry hiding in the woods.  The machine gun valiantly fires to slow the armor down.

The American towed gun is victorious!  The sneaking Stug is destroyed!  On the west end the Tiger pops a Sherman as it tries to cross the battlefield.

The Americans suffer heavy casualties under a constant barrage of weapons fire.

The concealed Sherman pounds away at the Germans, slowing or destroying all that attempt to reach it's position!

The Germans pulled off a victory today, but I think we have a convert to the new Tactical Assault: Combat Cards anyway.  The game was a blast!

All models on both sides are either Battlefront or Command Decision.  Info on the terrain can be found in this blog.

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