Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tank Traps

Another important piece of terrain for wargames is the tank trap. They trap tanks. Or at least keep them from driving where ever they want, until the traps are destroyed. Click on pictures for a larger view.

A standard scenario calls for up to six sections of traps so I created six. These were based on 3" x 6" sections of foam core (no cardboard today, kids.)

The hedgehogs were created by glueing plastic "I" beam rods together in an "X" shape . I mounted three traps per base. After the traps were built, they were hot glued to the bases. I then primed them in a oxide red.

I used these traps hours after I had primed them, and three of them broke off the base during transport to the local gaming shop. two more broke off while we played. Hot glue was NOT the thing to use here. When I got back home, I tugged at each trap still attached to its base to see if it would come off. If it did, I superglued it back on. After making these repairs I covered the bases in the PVA mix and covered them in sand. As soon as the glue was dry, the pieces were basecoated black (I didn't care for the red oxide color.) Painting was done by drybrushing the traps silver, and drybrushing the bases in a medium brown and a tan. I was tired of looking at these things and just wanted them done.

All I need to do is seal them, which I will do with a spray sealant. I just hope the sand won't start breaking off. If it does, I'll coat the bases in PVA, just like my flocked pieces.

These dragon teeth style tank traps were made from plaster poured into an ice cube tray. Once the plaster cured they were knocked out of the tray and attached to strips of foamcore with white glue. They were then primed black and drybrushed dark grey to light grey to white. A sickly green static grass was mixed with some dried tea leaves and applied to the base with white glue.

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