Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Space Terrain- Space Hulk

This piece was built for a custom scenario I had written in which two opposing fleets must dock with a space hulk and retrieve ancient technology while duking it out. Unfortunatly the hulk is on a collision course with a planet so both side must act fast! A copy of the scenario can be downloaded here.

The model is a Gundam ship I picked up dirt cheap at Target. The model was distressed using mostly a soldering iron to melt holes all over. A hacksaw was used for more damage and also to seperate the small piece from the main ship. The detached portion, as well as the ship, were packed full of electrical wires and metal rods to simulate shredded corridors, power lines, etc.

The floating debris was mounted on small flight stands and the hulk itself is mounted on two large flight stands. The model was spray primed black. The enire thing was drybrushed white and details were picked out in yellow, red, blue and green. The large, melted piles were painted green as well as to give an impession of an alien or space bug infestation.

White batting (used for filling pillows and such) was used to simulate escaping gas from large holes.

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