Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Razorwire is a basic piece of terrain necessary in many scenarios. It's also nice to put on the field to try and slow your opponent down!

I built six sections of razorwire, the maximum number of sections needed in a scenario. I used corrugated cardboard as the base, cutting it to 1" x 6". I then used masking tape to cover the edges and hide the corrugations.

My first attempt at razorwire was done like this:

I first cut short pieces of chopsticks to be used as the posts to mount the razorwire on. I then wrapped a heavy gauge length of floral wire around a medium sized marker. After this coil was created, I stretched it out and glued it to the posts on the cardboard. I then used a very light gauge wire to tie the razorwire to the posts. Once the glue was dry, the piece was sprayed with a black undercoat. The posts were drybrushed, starting with a dark brown and working up to a tan; the razorwire was drybrushed silver and given a rusty wash of burnt sienna.

After painting, two layers of flock were glued to the base.

After completing this single section, I bought 110 barbed wire fence pieces on ebay. They were cheap plastic ones from an old green-and-tan army man set. I used these to finish off my razorwire sections. They were cut to size and modified to fit onto a 6" long base and then cleaned of the excess flash and mold lines.

I then glued them to the base, primed black, and painted them as I did the other first section I made. The base was finished the same way.

It was actually faster to make the razorwire sections from scratch due to the modifications made to the purchased razorwire and the huge amount of flash on them. The purchased razorwire sections look much better than the home made piece, in my opinion.

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