Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Here are some quick pictures of an outpost I built. It's based on a 20" x 30" sheet of foamcore. The battle being played is 2,000 points of Space Marines Vs. 4, 000 points of Tyranids. (Note: This is from 2004 or earlier.)

The picture on the left shows when things became ugly. The Lictor hopped the wall and engaged this Force Commander(Center). On the same turn, Old One Eye (left)popped out of the ground and took out the radar tower the next turn. A squad of 9 flying Warriors (Right) also entered the outpost on the same turn as Old One Eye. The next turn they assaulted the Chaplin on the Northern walkway.

The picture on the right shows the final matchup. The Chaplin took out the 9 Warriors, and the walls of the fort began to tumble down from the force of the Tyranid onslaught. The Chaplain and the few remaining Space Marines beat a hasty retreat to the nearest board edge (in order to win the scenario), but a brood of Genestealers and a Carnifex chewed everone to pieces. The Chaplain broke away, and when he was a mere 2" from the board edge, the winged Hive Tyrand rolled an 16" sweeping advance, catching the Champlain and ending his exsistance.

And yes, those large black things on either side of that Hive Tyrand are wings. His wingspan when the wings were completely outstretched was about 3 times his height. He also weighs about 3 pounds. He comes apart at the torso so his base can actually be engaged in close combat. He can give a squad of Space Marines a big "hug". He doesn't belong to me. He DOES belong to my brother, which is almost as good as belonging to me. But not quite.

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