Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Two Story Fortifcation

The first thing I did is cut out the shape of the hill I wanted the bunker mounted into from a piece of 1" insulation foam. I then traced this shape onto a piece of cardboard. This acts as the floor of the bunker and keeps it connected to the hill.

I then cut out a notch from the foam to accomodate the bunker. In this case it is a 3"x3" square. This starts at the very edge of the hill and goes in. Once the bunker was cut out of the hill I glued the cardboard base in place. I forgot to cover the corrugations with carboard as you can see in the picture. Don't forget to do that!!

All of the corrugated steel is made from corrugated paper. You can buy it by the roll. I got mine at a dollar store.

A 3" x3" square was glued to the carboard base to serve as the floor for the bunker. White glue was used, and it soaked the paper backing off of the corrugated paper. Clamps had to be used to keep the paper down while drying. Two strips were cut and glued along the inside of the hill; one facing out and one facing in. These formed the walls of the lower story.

Chopsticks were cut to length and superglued into each corner to support the upper level.

A 3" x 3" square of cardboard was cut for the upper level. This was centered over the posts and glued into place. Glueing the upper floor in place was a huge mistake. Now it's nearly impossible to get models into the lower level.

Corrugated paper was glued to the base of the upper floor. A thin strip was also glued around the front three side of the upper level. This would give the upper wall something to be attached to.

The surrounding wall on the upper level is constructed the same way as the wall for the lower level. An HO scale model railroad trask was used for a ladder. The rails were pulled off with a plier and then it was cut to length.

The piece was primed black (the hill brushed, the rest sprayed.) The corrugated steel was drybrushed dark green to a lighter green. The ladder and posts were painted like wood; starting with a dark brown drybrush up to a light brown. The hill was drybrushed up from dark grey to white.

Static grass was glued to the top of the hill and the piece was complete.

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