Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Underhive Terrain

This terrain project is a second attempt at usable terrain for Games Workshop's Necromunda game. My first set was large, ugly and completely incompatible with the carboard and plastic stuff put out by GW so it was disassembled and all pictures removed from the website due to a confrontation with a GW lawyer- type thug.
This second project has been designed to be completely compatible with the the GW set. All towers are 3" high to match up with the bulkheads in the GW set. Click pictures for a larger view.

The Platforms
The core of the collection is 15 platforms. They are all based on half of a metal tin AOL sent their junk CDs in for awhile. On top of these a bottle or container of some type (mostly saline and shampoo bottles) were glued to the center. These were measured so the platform plus the bottle were 3" high. Each of these will be stacked on top of each other to create the dizzying underhive.

On each side of the platform a set of holes were drilled 1/4" off each side of the center. A piece of wire was then bent into a "U" shape and run through the holes. The ends of the wire were then turned up to create hooks where ladders and bulkheads could be hung from to allow the set to be as flexible as possible.

On two opposite corners of each platform a 90 degree K'Nex adaptor was glued in place. A set of K'Nex rods were cut to size. These rods will connect the stacked platforms together to stabilize them during gameplay. They also add to the idustrial pile- 'o- crap look of the underhive.

Various pieces from model kits and my bitz box were glued on the tower portions to give them a suitable industrial look. Also, bits of thin card were cut from old VHS video boxes and glued onto the towers. Seed beads were glued on with super glue for rivets. Many of these started falling off right away. The super glue marks kind of looked like rivets so they were left as- is. The rest of the rivets were punched from plastic food container lids with a leather punch.

Ladders and Bulkheads

The ladders for the project were simply HO guage railroad tracks with the rails removed and cut to size. Holes were drilled in each laddersto it could be hung from the platforms.

The Bulkheads are 3.5" floppy disks that were split in half and then glued back together inside out. 1/2 inch was trimmed off the bottom of each one and a couple holes drilled towards the top so they could be hung from the platforms.

The ladders and bulkheads were primed black. The ladders were simply drybrushed silver. The bulkheads were base coated either silver, blue or green, then given various black, brown and burnt sienna washes to dirty them up. The were then drybrushed to bring out what little detail there was.

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