Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Underhive Terrain- Bridges Part 1

All of the bridges are based on a double layer of foamcore; the top layer about 1/2" longer than the bottom. This gives the bridge a little "lip" to place on a platform and helps keep the bridge from sliding around too much. A short description of each type of bridge is below:

The Archaic Bridge

Named such because that's what it's called at Terragenesis. I basically copied that bridge. The entire piece is built from foamcore. The rods are bamboo skewers pressed through the foamcore. Strips of card were glued across the large arches and along the sides to cover the foamcore edges. A layer of white glue was spread over the other exposed edges. It covered like crap, like always. Plastic rivets were glued all over the bridge and the decking is cross- stitching fabric.

The bridge was primed black, then painted burnt sienna to give it a completely rusted look. Several brown washes were applied, and when dry orange was drybrushed all over.

The Metal Bridge

This T-shaped bridge was decked with cross- stitching fabric. The low railings are the discarded pieces of the floppy disk bulkheads. Little triangles were cut from plastic card and used as supports for the railings. The edges of the bridge were also covered in floppy disk parts. The entire piece was primed black and drybrushed silver. The whole thing was then inked with GW Chestnut Ink. It was then drybrushed with a bit of brown and burnt sienna.

The Disk Bridge

This bridge is pretty standard contruction. A couple of CD's were glued to the edges with hot glue (thanks N'Sync!) Small plastic jewels were glued to the center. Thin card was used to cover the edges, and plastic rivets were glued into place. Decking is granny grating again. This piece was painted orange, washing in brown, then highlighted again.

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