Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Space Terrain- More Planets

Outer space doesn't have a lot of terrain features, but it does have planets. These planets were made using the same technique as the others on this site.

The only difference is the foam balls were cut in half. This allows twice as many planets per floral ball and also allows the planet to be removed from the board when ships move across them and replaced by a flat template.

The flat templates are pictures of planets from the internet sized appropriatly and printed out on heavy paper.

The tabletop that these pictures were taken on is simply a 4' x 6' sheet of black felt with paint spatter on it. A paintbrush was loaded with paint and I ran my fingers through the bristles to cause paint to spatter onto the felt. When the brush is not as wet you can also "fling" it at the felt to get more spatter.

Red and blue were also spattered but it does not show up very well. The light reflecting off of the felt gives the impression that there are way too much paint. In actuality it is much more sparse.

All in all it makes a very effective starfield for gameplay.

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