Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Styrofoam and Wall Filler Buildings

These two pieces are some of my earliest attempts at making terrain. They use some pieces of styrofoam glued together and some wall filler material to create a quick and easy structure for wargaming. The first piece is a simple building. It was created by using two pieces of styrofoam used to package some kind of electronic device, but I can't remember what. The two halves were simply glued together with PVA and allowed to dry. The outside was then covered in some pre-mixed wall filler compound and slightly smoothed out.

Once the filler was dry, it was sanded down to get rid of any sharp edges or peaks that might be on the piece. A door was made in the front out of card and a handle was taken from a tank model. A thing was glued onto the piece and a couple of straws were also glued on as exhaust ports.

The building was brushed black and drybrushed a dark grey, light gray and finally white. The door, exhaust ports and thing were drybrushed silver. This piece is so stable and strong it wasn't even based.

The second piece is a small bunker I built from offcuts of styrofoam from making hills. It is based on a square of foamcore with masking tape around the edges to hide the foam in the foamcore. The bunker itself is made of "bricks" of styrofoam glued to the base with a removable roof.

The bunker was also coated in wall filler, but a brush was used after application to give the bunker a formed concrete look, much like that on the highways and interstates (at least here in Minnesota). Once the filler was dry, the bunker was painted black, and drybrushed from dark grey to white, just like the above piece.

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