Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Statue Bunker

This piece is terrible.  I post it now only for completeness, and because some of the technique is interesting.

This was another piece created for my desert terrain set. It is also another piece created from an X-Men playset. I wish more K-Marts would have a 90% off going out of business sale. This tends to be a favorite piece when people see my terrain. Components used in the construction of this piece are:

Foamcore Textured Spraypaint
Cardboard for the base Sand for ground cover
Cross Stitching grid sheet Netting
Styrofoam/ Stryofoam ball Toothpicks

The first thing to do was to disassemble the playset. It was a Statue of Liberty head with a bunch of crazy anti-mutant traps and gizmos inside it. Pretty stupid, actually. I can see why I paid 50 cents for it. I reduced the playset to just the face of the statue and cut it in half at an angle. I then used a dremel tool to distress the features slightly. Using the statue as a guide I cut a base from double corrugated cardboard and sealed the edges with masking tape. The statue was hot glued to the base.

I then used a textured spraypaint (I can't remember the brand or type) and covered the piece heavily. After waiting for eons for it to dry, I base coated it in a brown. Then I highlighted to a light brown into a cream into a light cream color.

The interior floors were made from foamcore sealed with masking tape, and then Cross Stitching plastic (aka Granny Grating) was cut to size and superglued on. a block of styrofoam was used to support the lower floor, and a frame was made out of toothpicks to support the upper floor. After construction, these platforms were spraypainted black (the styrofoam was brushed black first, of course) and everything was drybrushed in a silver. The platforms were glued into place inside the statue.

The base was then coated in a water/PVA mix and then the piece was covered in fine sand. When the glue dried the excess was removed and the process was repeated again.

The cactus was made from a small styrofoam ball used in floral arrangments with toothpicks jammed in and glued into place. The cactus was then painted green, washed black and the spines were painted red.

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