Thursday, July 15, 2010

Underhive Buildings

Here are a couple of old terrain pieces that don't seem to have a home yet.  It's been a long time since I built them so let me try to walk though the process, if I can remember.

The Egg Room

This is a survivor from my original underhive set.  The walls and floor are all metal panels from inside computers; fan covers, power supply cases, etc.  They were arranged in a manner that let them look most like a room and actually hot glued together.  Suprisingly the hot glue has held up all these years!  Cross stitch fabric was glued over some some of the openings, and distressed to allow egress through them during gameplay. 

The alien pods are wooden eggs purchased at a craft store.  They were also glued in place with hot glue.

The entire piece was primed black and painted hunter green.  The structure was drybrushed a few lighter shades of green.  The pods were painted brown and given a green ink wash.  They were then drybrushed a ligher shade of brown.  The slime effect on the pods was achieved simply by stringing hot glue down the eggs. 

Industrial Structure

This piece is a sister piece to the Pumping Station.  This one is also based off of the case from a Battlebots RC car.  All of the techniques used on the first piece were also used here. 

Details were added using wire, straws, N scale railroad tracks, cross stitch fabric, and some numbers off of an old clock.   The biohazard sign was clipped form an industrial supply catalog and glued into place.

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