Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Chemical Pumping Station

Here is yet another terrain piece based off of a cheap toy. The main building is made from a Battlebots remote controlled combat car. The base is the bottom to an old modem. The rest is:

Plastic bendy straws      Floral Wire
Beads for rivets             Cardboard Tube
Thin Card                     Copper pipe fittings
Cross Stitching Plastic Grating

The Battlebot body was full of all kinds of interesting holes. I used the Cross Stitching material to cover up these holes from the inside, except for 4 on the top. The four on the top had bendy drinking straws pushed into them and one end of the bendy straw was pushed into the other. A thin strip of cereal box card was used to cover this joint. A square of card was also used to create a plate at one end of the pumping station for the large pipe to mount to.

The large pipe is cut from a tube used to hold fluorescent lights. I used a coping saw and razor blade to get the broken effect.

Rivets were created by gluing very small beads around the card strips on the bendy straws and around the edges of the plate under the large pipe.

A handle for the top hatch was created by bending a piece of floral wire into a U shape, drilling two very small holes in the hatch, and gluing the U handle into place.

The station was then superglued to the bottom side of an old modem case.

Copper pipe fittings were used to create barrels around the station. The circumference of the fittings was traced onto card, cut out and fit into the ends of the fittings. A leather punch was used to create small caps on the lids from pieces of card.

Hot glue was used to create the drips of chemical coming from the tipped over barrel, one of the bendy straw joints and the broken pipe.

The painting was very typical; sprayed black, base coated, washed black and rust, and highlighted. The piece was sprayed with a sealant and a gloss varnish was applied to the chemical drips.

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