Friday, October 9, 2009

15mm Bridge

Here's a quick little bridge I whipped out.  Would work as a 28mm foot bridge too, I suppose.
The bridge was designed to span the Lemax river I have.  Coincidentally, it also fits perfectly over the JR Miniatures river as well.

The sides and surface are simply foam core cut to shape.  All the "measurements" were basically eye- balled, so no plans exist for it.  Neither do any WIP shots.  The road surface is covered with a strip of Lemax vinyl brick pattern.  The walls have a layer of fine sand glued on.

Once all the glue was dried, the piece was spray primed black, then the walls were drybrushed dark brown to brown to light brown to tan and ending with a light layer of off- white.  The road surface was done in a similar fashion, but a layer of dark grey was used instead of dark brown.

The color is all off to me, but I've been too lazy and busy to repaint it.

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