Monday, October 12, 2009

Quick Water Effects

It's not the most realistic or the most attractive, but it's quick.  Take a look.

These particular pieces were done for Axis and Allies Minis, but could be used on a larger scale.  It would probably work best for ocean, as the name of the mat implies.

I used a Lemax Ocean Display Mat. This is a clear, vinyl mat with blue waves printed on it. The bases for the lakes and marshes were cut from plasticard and then traced onto the mat.  The marshes and lakes were attached to their base with white glue. The rivers were glued to a sheet of paper with white glue. These were all sandwiched between heavy books and left to try overnight.

NOTE: Plastic and vinyl don't breathe well, and white glue needs air to dry. the marshes and lakes took over three days to fully dry, and superglue was still used to reattach the edges to the plastic base. It would have been easier to use superglue.

Once dry, the marshes and lakes were trimmed to fit the bases, and the rivers were cut free of the paper. The edges of all of the pieces were painted with Hunter Green. The marshes were given a diluted wash of GW Dark Green ink and Brown ink. A flock mix was glued to the banks of the swamps and lakes with super glue. Patches were also applied to the marshes. Patches of Woodland Scenics Course Turf were also glued onto the marshes.

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