Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Cemetary

At Games Day 2003 I bought a bunch of headstones and grave markers for no apparent reason. I used them to create a graveyard for my modern city layout. It's a fairly open and dangerous place to hang out in, but with the open grave it can be a creepy location for a mission objective...

The cemetery is located on a hill. The hill was made by carving and sanding a nice slope into a 12" x 12" piece of insulation foam. The open grave was also cut out of the foam. The hill was then glued to the cardboard base, with the edges covered in masking tape to cover the corrugations.

The headstones were then added to the hill. The large ones were simply hot glued to the top of the hill. For the others I used a screwdriver to press a flat spot on the slope of the hill and then hot glued the headstones into place.

The fence was built by pinning decorative toothpicks to a sheet of foam core 1/2" apart, then laying floral wires along the toothpicks. The wires were then superglued to the toothpicks. Once the glue had dried to everything (including the foam core) the fence was cut free and pressed into the foam hill. Some sections of fence had broken free. These were not repaired; they were pressed into the hill and give the cemetery a dilapidated and unkempt look.

The mound of dirt was made by gluing a pile of sand near the open grave, then following this technique from the Hirst Arts webpage.

Once the piece was assembled the hill was brush primed black and then everything else was spray painted black. The fence was lightly drybrushed silver. The headstones were drybrushed from pewter grey to white. The dirt pile was drybrushed dark brown up to a tan.

After the paint was dry, the base was flocked with the typical grass. Green static grass was added along the fence and around the tombstones.

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