Friday, October 9, 2009

Sandpaper Roads

Here's and idea to try.  It worked OK for the small ones I made for a 3D Axis and Allied Miniatures board.  It may work even better for larger dirt roads.  They would have to be mounted on something sturdy, and a ditch or bank added to the edge to help them blend into the table better.  I may have to try this one day...

The roads were traced from the maps onto white paper. These were then cut out and taped to the back of 60 grit sand paper. Using the stencil, the roads were cut from the sandpaper. Due to the length of some of the roads, some roads were done in several pieces. In these cases, the pieces were simply joined together with clear tape.

The roads were based in a very dark brown, then drybrushed a dark brown, to light brown to tan and finally a very light dusting of GW Bleached Bone. The name of the map the piece is associated with was also written on the back to aid in map set up.

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