Monday, October 19, 2009

Blood Bowl Counters

And to finish off the Blood Bowl stuff, the counters for the board:

After the pitch and dugouts were complete, there was only one thing left to do before the board could be used: Create counters so you could actually tell what turn it was and who was winning!

All of the counters are mounted on standard 1" round slotted bases. A piece of masking tape covers the slot and a hole was punched in the center of the tape to allow a long Games Workshop flight stand to be inserted into it.

The bases were painted blue and red so there would be a set for each team. The bases were then flocked with the same mixture used on the pitch and dugouts.

The tops of the bases are different, depending on what the counter represents. The counters are as follows:

Re- Roll Counters

The re- roll counters allow you throw a die again after an undesirable result has been rolled. These counters were made simply by drilling out the pip on the "1" side of a small d6 and super gluing to the peg on the top of the flight stand.  16 of these were made; 8 for each team.

Touchdown Counters

The touchdown counter is used to note how many touchdowns you have scored this game. These were made from flat, plastic footballs which originally had a spike at the bottom. They were purchased at a party supply store and were originally for holding sandwiches together, like a toothpick or skewer. The spike was cut off and then they were carefully drilled out to accommodate the peg on the flight stand. The ball was then superglued to the flight stand. Two of these were made; one for each team.

Turn Counters

The turn counters are used to keep track of which turn it is in which half of the game. The original game uses cardboard chips with a skull on it.

I cast two skulls from the Hirst Arts fieldstone wall mold, primed them black and drybrushed them from dark grey to white. I then drilled a hole in the bottom for the peg on the flight stand and superglued it to the stand. Two of these were made; one for each team.

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