Monday, October 12, 2009

Tiny Cities

Some buildings I made with Monopoly houses.  I used these for Axis and Allies Miniatures, but I've seen them used for 3mm picoarmor as well.

The base is simply more Lemax vinyl mats, this time the Large Pebble Mat. A 2" hex was again printed on my computer, cut out, and then traced onto the mat. The bases were then carefully cut out with a razor blade using a metal straight edge. A black permanent marker was used to draw in the hex lines on the pebble surface. The shapes were left under heavy books for about a day to flatten them out.

Houses were done with Monopoly buildings. You can get two sets worth for about $5.00 on EBay.

Any obvious flash was trimmed from the buildings, and they were all primed white. The roofs were all painted brown, all chimneys in gray and the walls were painted either GW Bronzed Flesh, GW Bleached Bone or tan.

I began painting windows on with GW Regal Blue, and though they looked nice, it was taking too long. I switched to a black magic marker and blew through the 88 buildings in no time at all. Once painting was finished, I sealed them all to prevent chipping.

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