Thursday, October 15, 2009


These Middle Eastern buildings consist of several mud huts and what was called "Saddam's Palace" on the packaging. All the pieces were cast in an orange, high density plaster.

Each piece was covered in brown ink, then drybrushed brown, tan, Bleached Bone, and finally white.

The water in the palace courtyard was inked blue and given a coat of brush on gloss. The domes were painted gold and given a black ink wash to pick out the details. The window lattice was painted silver.

The white building is the American White House. It was primed black, then drybrushed gray, light gray and then white. The roof was drybrushed a dark gray. The windows were painted using a jeweled effect.

The bunker is a resin piece based on a hex. It was primed black. I first drybrushed the turret GW Boltgun Metal. I then drybrushed the bunker dark gray to a light gray, with a final drybrush of white. I then blacked out the doors and windows. The ground was then drybrushed a dark brown, brown and then a light coat of tan. Small bits of ground cover were glued in low traffic areas, like the edges of the bunkers.

The beacon/ pillar things and the hab- dome were primed black. They were then drybrushed dark gray, light gray and a light coat of white. Various waterslide transfers were added to the beacons, and the windows and door of the dome were painted with the same type of jeweled effect.

If anyone knows who the manufacturer of any of these pieces is, please let me know!  Thanks!

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