Monday, October 19, 2009

Blood Bowl Pitch

This piece was created for use with Games Workshop’s excellent Blood Bowl game.

The basis of the board is expanded Styrofoam (the kind made of little beads) mounted on corrugated cardboard. The edges were covered with masking tape to hide the foam and corrugations in the cardboard.

Next the playing grid was carefully measured out and drawn onto the Styrofoam. I have 1/4" between the lower board edge and the playing pitch and 1/4" between the side board edge and the playing pitch. A 26 x 15 grid was then marked off in 1 1/16" squares (the size of the squares on a standard pitch.)

After the grid was laid out 1/16" tile spacers were glued onto the intersections of the grid lines with tack glue thicker PVA glue.) These define the squares that the field is divided into.

After the glue on the tile spacers had dried sand was glued down in various places to simulate exposed dirt. The whole piece was brush- primed black once the sand was dry. The exposed dirt areas were drybrushed from dark brown to tan.

The turn, re- roll and touchdown tracks were created in Microsoft Word, printed onto heavy paper, cut out and glued into position.

Once the glue was dried a quarter of the board was covered in watered down PVA glue and covered in a flock mixture: Dark green flock, light brown flock, and ground tea leaves from tea bags. Once the board was dry the glue mix and flock were applied again. Once the second layer was dry the piece was covered in a coat of glue mix to prevent the flock from coming off during game play.

The lines were made by cutting a notch out of foam core, them measuring 1/8" increments and taping off sections to get the dashed lines. The only way I could get an absolutely straight line was with my foam core cutter with two blades in it. This resulted in the lines being wider than I wanted them to be, but it still works well.

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