Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Overgrown Ruin

I thought I'd start out by posting one of the more popular pieces from the old ADD Wargaming Terrain website.  It's here just as it appeared there.  Enjoy!

Overgrown Ruin

This terrain piece was made using plastic gothic ruins. Click pictures for a larger view.

The piece is based on double- corrugated carboard. The edges of the base were covered using masking tape to hide the corrugations.  The ruined corners were then lined up with each other and glued into place with super glue.

The pillar is a wedding cake decoration I purchased in a pack of four. You can get these at any craft stores, like Micheals. The pillar was cut apart using a coping saw and paper was stuffed into the hollow pillar. Wall filler was then used to fill the open ends of the pillar pieces. After the wall filler was dry, the pieces were glued into place.
The base was then scored into a grid with a razor blade, and a dull pencil was used to press down the cuts. This was done to simulate a worn, tile floor.

The entire piece was then primed using a textured paint. This paint was a mixture of black latex paint, water, PVA glue and sand in a ratio of 3:1:1:1.
The painting was done by drybrushing, starting with a dark grey. A light grey was then used, finished with a white.
After painting was finished, fine flock was glued to the edges and into the cracks between the flooring tiles using a watered down mixture of PVA glue. Course flock was glued to the ruined corners and fallen pillar using the same mixture of glue.

In order to keep the flock from falling off of the buildings during play, Elmer's Spray Adhesive was applied to the entire piece.  After the spray glue dried thouroughly (about 3 days to be safe) a final coat of matte clearcoat was sprayed onto the piece.

The spray adhesive was applied too heavily in this case, giving the the entire piece, including the foliage, a very glossy look, even after the clearcoat was applied.

Also, cutting the flooring tiles with everything glued into place was difficult.  Make sure to cut the flooring tile before anything is glued down.

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