Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Chemical Storage Tank

This terrain piece was created for games that take place in industrial settings. It's a simple tank with an upper walkway. The materials used to make this piece are listed below:

Shampoo bottle
3.5" floppy disk drive part
Plastic bendy straws
Electrical components and odds and ends for junk
Double corrugated cardboard for the base
Glue (hot, PVA and super)
Metal fence material for ladder

I started out by cutting the base out of double corrugated cardboard, and covering the edges with masking tape to hide the corrugations. I then cut the cap end of the shampoo bottle off and dripped leftover shampoo all over the place. Make sure to rinse your containers out. I then dug through my box o' junk to build stuff out of and found a piece from an old floppy disk drive to use as the upper floor. The hole was already cut into it, so I just slid the bottle through. The upper floor was superglued into place and the bottle was superglued to the base.

Bendy straws were used for pipes coming out of the tower. They were routed through the upper floor via existing holes. One straw was placed toward the bottom and cut off to appear broken. An old gear was glued to another pipe to act as a valve handle.

Other off cut bits and electronic pieces were glued here and there on the base to provide cover for anyone on the ground level.

The ladder was made by cutting out a strip of metal fence material and then cutting out sections from the strip to make the rungs. The ladder was hot glued into place, promptly broke off, then superglued.
To make the slime pool in the top, I mixed some PVA glue with green paint and water and poured it onto the top of the tower. I then added some superglue to make a strange bubbly mess. That didn't work. The superglue instantly coagulated, so I pulled it out with a stick. It fell off the stick and landed on the board and dried almost instantly, so I left it on the piece (it’s the purple glob at the base of the tank.) Hot glue was dripped out of the end of the broken pipe to look like chemical dripping out.

After all the glues had dried, I spray primed the piece black and painted it. I then gave the entire thing a black wash and then a rust wash. After the washes were dried, I gave the various components a shade lighter dry brush than their base color.

After the paint was dry, I sprayed the piece with a sealant.

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