Monday, October 12, 2009

Airplane Hangar

This is yet another Plasticville "O" scale railroad model. This is an excellent piece that sees a lot of use, especially in my zombie games. It's seems a bit small to be an airplane hangar, but it does make an excellent garage or warehouse. It's also a favorite in my games because it's usually designated as a military building, which means it's got the good guns! 

The four walls of the kit were assembled. The doors and roof were left off. A foam core floor was measured, cut and glued into place. The side doors were clean up and made hinged just like the doors in the Feed Store. The roof and floor were given a few coats of textured paint, the floor more than the roof.

The entire piece was primed black. The roof and floor was drybrushed a dark grey to a light grey. The walls were drybrushed dark grey to grey to white. The doors were drybrushed silver. I haven't had the time or motivation to weather this piece, and it looks a bit dull and uniform like this. I will eventually go back and detail it some more.

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