Thursday, October 8, 2009

15mm Trees

For awhile I had played Two Hour Wargame's NUTS! using the Axis and Allies Collectable Miniatures Game pieces. Here the trees I made for this:

I started with a shopping bag full of Christmas village trees I had picked up at Michaels years ago, marked down to $0.50 a bag after Christmas.

They come with fake snow on them, so I simply spray painted them Hunter Green. As I only needed the top portions of the trees for this scale, only the top portion was painted.

Once the paint was dry, I snipped off the top part of the trees. I then put a large glob of hot glue on the bottom of each tree and stuck them to an old cookie sheet to dry. The "trunk" of the trees is twisted wires, an when clipped off you are left with a bit of a "stump" at the bottom that doesn't allow the tree to stand up straight. By putting a blob of hot glue on the bottom and letting it dry flat, you get a nice, flat base that is invisible.

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