Friday, October 9, 2009

15mm Lake (or 28mm Pond)

Another simple piece I rather like!

To make the lake I simply cut a shape from foam core and beveled the edge for a smooth tabletop to terrain transition. 

A bead of caulk was run around the edge and smoothed out to form the bank and left to dry. 

The water part was then painted.  I used a mix of greens and blues, gently blending the colors to be lighter and greener on the edges and darker and bluer in the middle.  The banks were painted a dark brown.  Brush- on high gloss was applied in thin layers, letting each layer dry between applications.  It caused the paint on the base to pull away a bit, leaving white flecks.  I guess it kind of looks like whitecaps.  The bank was simply coated in the usual mix of ground cover.

Here is also an attempt at some swampland.  I painted a foam core base Hunter Green and applied a layer of the same gloss used on the lake over the green.  I then glued down some leftover scatter from the bottom of my bag of Spanish Moss.  It's crap, but it was quick and works in a pinch.

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