Monday, October 12, 2009

Battletech Factory

This factory was built from an inexpensive model kit purchased in the local model supply shop. I don't know the manufacturer's name, but I do know that it came in a simple plastic bag with instructions. The kit is surprisingly well made; with all of the pieces fitting together very well. It is an "N" scale building, which is too large for Battletech normally, but I wanted my buildings to be large enough to place Battlemechs inside.

The model was assembled per the instructions and based on a piece of double- corrugated cardboard. Masking tape was used to hide the corrugations. The original roof was thin plastic card which was replaced with a much heavier card.

Some capacitors and LEDs were glued to the loading dock to represent cargo. Plastic tubes were attached to the roof as chimneys. They also act as a handle to remove the roof.
The piece was primed black, base coated, washed in black and given various shades of drybrushing. The base was also flocked with green ground cover and some lichen was used for bushes. Railroad ballast was glued to the roof and to the base as walkways and driveways.

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