Monday, October 19, 2009

Blood Bowl Dugouts

To continue on with the Blood Bowl pitch theme, here are the dugouts!

The dugouts are mounting on the same cardboard/ foam base that the pitch is built on. The locations of the walls were first marked off on the base to make sure that the dugout would be centered.

The walls were cut out of 3/4" Styrofoam to the desired lengths using a hot foam cutter. They were then glued into place and then pinned together and to the base with toothpicks.

Once the glue was dry wall filler was used to cover the Styrofoam walls. A brush was stippled into the filler to create some texture. Once the wall filler was dry it was sanded down to remove any pointy edges that may have formed.

The floor inside the dugout, as well as a trail leading out of the dugout, was covered in the typical PVA glue mix and sand was sprinkled over it.

Once the glue was dry, the exposed foam was brush- painted black and then the piece was spray painted black.

The walls of the dugout were drybrushed from a dark grey color to a white, and the dirt floors were drybrushed from a dark brown to a tan.

After painting the base was flocked with the same mixture as the pitch using my standard method: Two layers of flock and a layer of glue to seal it. Small signs were created in Microsoft Word and glued to the tops of the walls.

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