Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Apartment Building

The apartment building was built for zombie games, with plenty of places to search for loot and lots of opportunities for a zombie ambush. The apartment building is "L" shaped; 12" on the long edges and 6" on the short. Click images for larger views.

The basic construction of the apartment is the same as the Small Store. The apartment is two levels, so it's basically a "L" shaped box stacked on top of another box. Interior walls were added to each floor to form apartment units. The doors in these areas are constructed just like the others.

A strip of card was added around the second floor to hold the roof in place, just like the Small Store. I was going to add a strip to hold the first and second floor together, but after the construction was complete I noticed that the floors aren't exactly the same size and a really goofy- looking gap would show. I simply stacked the floors on top of each other. The top steps in the stairwells lock the levels into place so they don't slide around during play.

Instead of using card trim like on the Small Store I used masking tape to cover the edges. This was faster and didn't leave the gaps that the card would have.

The stairwell is made from 1" wide strips of foamcore glued on top of each other. Each step is 3/4" thick. Once the steps were glued and dry they were covered with masking tape. Masking tape has a nice texture to it that drybrushed well and also covers the unsightly edges of the foamcore.

On the second floor a hatch was added to the roof and a ladder was installed on the wall of the hallway. The ladder is simply a section of HO train track.

Exterior doors recieved handles like on the Small Store. The interior doors, both stairwells and apartments, were given doorknobs. These are simply seed beads glued into place.

The roof is like the Small Store. An old radio knob, a large capacitor and another electronic item were glued on top for handles to remove the roof with. A cardboard hatch was also added to one end to allow access to the roof. The hatch was built just like the doors.

Once construction was finished the building was given a coat of textured paint. the exterior was drybrushed from dark brown to brown to tan and finished off with a touch of Antique White. The original plan was to use yellow. I didn't think it showed up very well, so went to a tan color instead. The yellow didn't cover well and it shows in the bottom picture. Good thing this is ADD Wargaming Terrain. Otherwise, I would have to repaint it so it matches!! The doors were painted brown; the interior walls were painted Antique White, the hallways were painted Too Blue and the apartment floors were painted tan.

The stairwells were painted black and drybrushed dark grey to grey to white.

The roof decorations and hatch, door handles/ knobs and the ladder to the roof were painted black and drybrushed Boltgun Metal. The items on the roof were drybrushed a bit with Burnt Sienna to give them a rusted look.

The roof was given a covering of black model railroad ballast.

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