Friday, December 25, 2009


The fields are based on foamcore with the edges masked off as usual. The walls are plaster casts from the Hirst Arts Castlemolds Fielstone Walls mold. They are simply glued into place with "Tacky" glue; a extra thick white glue.

Incredibly fine sand was glued to the foamcore to represent the soil. I picked this stuff up from my dad. It's normally mixed into stains and varnishes and gives some texture and grip to hardwood stairs. I'm not sure of the brand name. The entire piece was basecoated in black. The walls were drybrushed from dark grey to white and the soil was drybrushed from dark brown to tan.

The bushes are made from bump chenille. It was simply dipped in green dye (made from green paint and water) and immediatly rolled in flock. Once dry they make nice bushes or trees. These were not glued into place in order place units inside the walls.

The entire piece was coated in a thinned mix of white glue to strenghten it. The glue also gave the piece a satin sheen to it, so I have to get a matte spray to dull it down.

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