Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Ruin #5

Another ruin! Yay! This is packaging foam again. The construction is similar to Ruin #3, with the rebar and grating. Drinking straws are used as pipes instead of copper fittings this time. Click pictures for larger views.

I wanted to add a pool of stagnant water into the floor of this building. After the painting was complete I heated up a batch of Woodland Scenics EZ Water and started to pour it in the hole.

I knew full well the liquid was hot. I also know that styrofoam melts at low temperatures. Yet it didn't dawn on me that the foam would melt when the EZ Water was poured onto it until my small hole quickly turned into a gaping hole underneath the floor of the ruin. That's ok, because it looks kinda cool with the cavern of death. The picture below doesn't show it like I thought it would.

The storage containers are simply two keyboard keys glued together and painted blue. The triangular logos on the side read "Marine Pollutant" and were obtained from a catalog.

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