Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Desert Terrain

Our group did a short stint with GW's GorkaMorka. Unfortunatly the interest died out before this terrain could ever get used. I sold off all my Gorkamorka stuff, including the paper terrain. Now we play the game again now that the rules are free on GW's website...

For most of it I simply based the Digganob box set tents and crashed ship. The tents were based on CD's and the ship a piece of foamcore with the edges taped off to hide the corrugations. Regular old sand was attached with white glue. When the sand dried it was base coated in brown and drybrushd up to a tan color. Click images for larger pictures.

These hills are simply cut from 3/4"- 1" blue insulation foam and then sanded down to be smooth and rolling. The same sand as above was glued down and they were painted the same way. Very simple.

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