Friday, December 25, 2009

Quonset Hut

The barracks is based on foamcore with the edges masked as usual. A Sunny Delight  bottle was cut in half and hot- glued to the base to create the arc of the barracks. Foamcore walls were cut to fit into the ends of the arc and they were hot glued into place. A foamcore support was also glued in the center of the arc as a support. Decorative corrugated paper (the kind used for covering corkboards in schools) was glued over the top of the barracks and to the front and back walls using rubber cement. I wouldn't recommend using rubber cement, however. .

The door is made from matchsticks glued together with a piece of corrugated paper glued to the back. The doorframe was constructed in the same manner. The door handle is a bit of floral wire bent into a "U" shape.

The piece was primed black. The barracks was painted light grey and given a black wash. Burnt Sienna was drybrushed on in areas to simulate rust. The door and doorframe were drybrushed from dark brown to tan and the handle was drybrushed silver.

Railroad ballast was applied to the base.

Be careful when applying washes to paper. When the piece got wet, the corrugation started separating from it's backing and bubbled all over. It had to be reglued. This was a very quick and simple project to complete.

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