Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Ruin #3

This is another ruin for the city project. This piece is also made from styrofoam packaging. The basic assembly was similar to Ruin #2. Click images for a larger view.

This piee is actually two seperate walls. Doors were cut into them and the edges were cut in a ragged fasion with a hot wire cutter. The interior floors are nothing but another piece of foam. Once the pieces were cut to shape they were pinned together with toothpicks and glued with Tacky Glue, a heavier form of white glue.

Plastic cross- stitching plastic and copper pipe fittings were added as debris. The metal rails from railroad tracks were jammed into the ruined edges of the building to simulate exposed rebar.

The building was painted the same a Ruin #2. The rebar, barrels and metal grating were drybrushed silver and given a Burnt Sienna drybrush for rust.

A bit of ground cover was also applied to help break up the concrete look.

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