Friday, December 25, 2009

Jungle Terrain- Finished

The pieces were finished by hand-priming the rocks on the bases black, then drybrushing them from dark grey to white. A mixute of flock, static grass and ground tea leaves were then glued on top of the rocks with white glue. You can click some pictures for larger views.

My brother's Deathwing terminators were nice enough to model these pieces.

Oops! Looks like one got too close the carnivorous plant!

The finished Flower- Trees of Gripping Death and Stuff.

A hill. Cut with a razor blade from blue insulation foam. The top is finished like the bases of the trees.

The pond was finished like the other pieces. The same flock mix was glued to the banks and bottom of the pond itself.

The water was done with Woodland Scenics E-Z Water. I had heard bad things about this product but it was cheap, and looked easy to work with. It is easy to heat and pour, but I'm not sure why I got such horrendous bubbles. I didn't want to use a heat gun to try to fix it (like the instructions say) for I didn't want to melt my plants in the process. It's not too bad for a first attempt. I may need more practice working with it.

NOTE: the pellets stink when heated and while cooling. I would recommend putting the terrain piece outside for a few hours as well as any utensiles and containers used to melt the pellets.

I don't know how well the water re-melts. Apparently I'm very lucky or an excellent judge of volumn for I had next to no leftover "water" when the pond was full. Make sure you know exactly how much you'll need.

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